Policy on Supporting Health, Fitness and Return to Study

The University is committed to supporting students and recognises the impact that a student’s health, wellbeing, behaviour and conduct can have on their academic progression and wider university experience. Issues with any of these may affect a student’s fitness to study. 

This Policy must be used when concerns about a student’s academic progress, behaviour, conduct and/or ability to function appropriately at the University are thought to be the result of mental and/or physical ill health.

This Policy must be used by staff when a student’s health, wellbeing, behaviour and/or conduct is significantly impacting on their ability to progress academically and/or function at the University, and/or on other students/staff.

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Your expectations of us under this Policy

This Policy aims to ensure that:

  • the best interests of the student are considered in relation to their personal situation, their health and/or wellbeing;
  • students are supported to study and manage their behaviour and/or conduct to engage in university life and, wherever possible, to meet the required learning outcomes and complete their programme;
  • students who are experiencing difficulties in relation to their health and/or wellbeing are supported to address their difficulties at the earliest appropriate point and have access to appropriate support services;
  • students are able to make informed decisions regarding options available to them; and
  • staff from Schools and support services work together where appropriate so that students experience a consistent and fair process.

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Who to contact

You should contact your School or Programme Office for specific advice about support to study, fitness to study or return to study.