Guidance on the presentation of dissertations for UG or PGT programmes

This guidance provides details of how dissertations for undergraduate or postgraduate taught programmes should be presented or displayed

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Our expectations of you under this guidance:

You are expected to adhere to the guidance provided when producing a dissertation as part of your taught degree programme, in terms of aspects such as formatting, required pages and intellectual property statement/copyright.

Your expectations of us under this guidance:

Your School or programme team will assess your dissertation and will expect you to have adhered to the set guidelines in terms of the format and presentation, etc.

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Who to contact

You should contact your School or Programme Office for specific advice about the presentation of dissertations.

For general queries about this guidance document, you can contact:

  • Janine Holdway, Teaching and Learning Manager (Policy), TLSD
  • Miriam Graham, Teaching and Learning Adviser (Policies and Procedures), TLSD