Policy on Mitigating Circumstances and Coursework Extensions

Enables you to apply to your programme or academic School to have any mitigating circumstances (such as illness) taken account of. If these unforeseen circumstances have affected your performance or assessment, a decision could be made to make allowances for the decreased performance.

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Our expectations of you under this policy:

It is your responsibility to follow the procedure to inform your programme team or School of any relevant mitigating circumstances in a timely manner. You should find deadlines for submission of cases published in programme handbooks or on School intranets, and you need to ensure that you adhere to these deadlines. Cases for consideration of mitigating circumstances that do not meet the set deadlines will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Your expectations of us under this policy:

Programme teams and Schools should publicise the processes for consideration of mitigating circumstances and details of deadlines. When applications are submitted, they should be considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Panel and, if approved, recommendations are put forward to an Examination Board to make the final decision on how to apply mitigation (options include extending a coursework deadline or permitting a student to re-sit an exam).

Please note:

Please note that some Schools produce their own School-specific mitigating circumstances form, so you should contact your School, or refer to your programme handbook, to check for details of any School-specific arrangements.
SALC students need to use their online form to submit an application (https://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/student-intranet/support/mitigating-circumstances/). (This is only applicable to students registered with the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures).
For up to date advice and information about mitigating circumstances and applying for extensions, please see the Student Support webpages: https://www.studentsupport.manchester.ac.uk/study-support/mitigating-circumstances/.


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Who to contact

For all queries related to mitigating circumstances (for more information, to request a mitigating circumstances form, or to submit the form), you should contact your School or Programme office.