Policy on Examinations

The Policy aims to ensure fairness for all students in exams. It contains information about practical details of exams including admission to exams, material not allowed in exam rooms, students’ conduct in exams, and cases for leaving exam rooms early.

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Our expectations of you under this policy:

You should make sure that you are aware of the requirements for conduct in exams, including making sure that you attend in time and do not take material into the exam room that is not allowed. 

Your expectations of us under this policy:

The University will make every effort to make sure that exams are conducted fairly and appropriately, and will take action against students who are seen as going against the requirements of fairness as set out in this Policy.

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Who to contact

For general information about the document, contact:

  • Janine Holdway, Teaching and Learning Manager (Policy), TLSD 
  • Miriam Graham, Teaching and Learning Adviser (Policies and Procedures), TLSD

 For specific queries about exams, you should contact your programme or School Office.