Policy on Advising Taught Students

Covers the roles of Academic and Personal Advisors and defines their role and responsibilities, i.e. to provide students with academic and pastoral support, to help students to prepare for life after graduation, and to advise on any clinical training requirements when it’s appropriate. The purpose of the policy is to make sure that all students receive high quality pastoral and academic support from their Advisor throughout their time at University, either through their meetings with them, or by being directed to other, possibly more specialised, sources of help and information by them. Students might use the policy to get an idea of what they can expect from their meetings with their Advisor and to understand how to get the greatest benefit from them.

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Our expectations of you under this policy:

You need to play your part in the Advising system in order to get the most out of it.  You can do this by attending and preparing for all your meetings with your Advisor and by getting back to them quickly when they get in touch with you.  You should also take advantage of all the support and guidance that is offered to you, either directly by your Advisor or by the people or services that they may tell you about.  You should play an active part in your meetings with your Advisor and know what things to talk about and what questions to ask them, particularly if you need their help or advice.  You should let your Advisor know if you are ill, have not attended classes or have missed deadlines for any reason.  You should keep a note of your meetings and any actions that you need to take as a result.

Your expectations of us under this policy:

The University will ensure that the Advising system works well, is supported appropriately, and will monitor its effectiveness.  Schools will ensure that all students on taught programmes are assigned an appropriately trained Advisor when they arrive, and that they are made aware of the Advisor role through information in handbooks and other means.  The School will consider any requests by a student to change their Advisor but will try to ensure that a student keeps the same Advisor throughout their time at University. 

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Who to contact

Students should contact their Programme or School Office for advice or further information about the Academic or Personal Advisor roles.