Third party enquiries

Third party enquiries about you

The University receives many enquiries about students and we take great care when assessing what information can and can't be divulged and discussed, treating all your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

You can get further information about the Data Protection Act from your Crucial Guide or from the Records Management Office.

You may not think of your family or friends as a "3rd party" but, unless you have given specific permission for us to discuss your circumstances with them we will not discuss any of your personal details unless the situation is exceptional - for example, your safety and security, or that of other students or staff members seems to be in doubt.

What we won't do

Unless we have your specific consent to do so, we are unlikely to enter into a discussion about your:

  • well-being
  • whereabouts
  • academic progress or results

Nor will we provide your address, telephone number or any other contact information.

What we will do

We may take a caller's contact details so that we can make enquiries and return their call.

We will be happy to provide general information about the University's services or facilities.  

We may pass on messages - even if we do that, we won't have confirmed to a caller that you are studying here and it will be entirely up to you if you wish to respond to the message or not.

If we are worried about you, we will pursue internal channels until we are satisfied that you are alright.  In circumstances where we have determined that there is reason to be concerned, then we may discuss the situation with third parties.

Where our enquiries have established that there is no need for concern, we may reassure the caller, but we will not give them any other details.

Staff are trained to be helpful but cautious, and to make your best interest their priority.

Worried about one of your friends?

Don't forget that the University's support services are available to support you as well as your friends.  If you are worried, contact someone - it doesn't matter if it's your personal tutor, the Student Support Officer in your School, the Warden of your Hall or the Counselling Service - we will both support you and make further enquiries about the person you're concerned about, in exactly the same way as described above.   

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