Students' Union Membership

By registering as a student of the University of Manchester you are treated as having agreed to become a member of the Students’ Union, unless you choose to opt out.

You are entitled to opt out of the Students' Union so long as you do this within 10 days of registering with the University. Students who wish to exercise the right to opt-out from Union and company law membership should inform the Union General Secretary by writing to General Secretary, University of Manchester Students’ Union, Steve Biko Building, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PR or email 

If you opt out, this will last until the end of the academic year, and if you wish to continue to opt out, you will have to indicate this again at the beginning of the next academic year.

Please note that if you opt out of the Students' Union you will be inelegible for any of the membership benefits listed below.

The Students’ Union is a charitable company limited by guarantee so, if you do not opt out, you will become a company law member of the Students’ Union.  As a member, you undertake to contribute £1 to the assets of the Students’ Union in the event of its being wound up while you are a member, or within one year after you cease to be a member.  You can view the Articles of Association here.

Information Sharing

As a member of the Students’ Union the University of Manchester automatically passes some of your personal information to the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union will only use that information for running the Students’ Union and communicating with you about its activities, for example to enable you to participate in elections, to keep you informed of its activities and all your opportunities as a student of the University of Manchester.

The Students’ Union would like to communicate with you via your University of Manchester email address and via the Students’ Union website.  This communication will include information regarding your membership rights, including, for example, notice of general meetings and election of trustees.  It may also include information about the Students' Union events and activities. If you would like to opt out of receiving communication from the Students' Union, please email

Membership benefits

As a member of the Students' Union your membership entitles you to:

  • Vote in our elections
  • Vote at the Annual Members Meeting or Company Law Meetings
  • Stand for any elected position within the Students' Union (eg Faculty Rep or Exec Team Member)
  • Be appointed as a Students' Union Trustee
  • Take part in the running of over 450 student societies
  • Hold any representative position within the University

You can find the Code of Practice here.