Student Mental Health Policy

The policy covers the University’s approach to students’ mental health: our support for student experiencing mental health difficulties; our approach to protecting their personal information; to whom and in what circumstances we may disclose information; the limitations that that exist on the support that we can provide and how we will promote understanding and raise awareness of mental health difficulties.

All registered students

Our expectations of you under this policy:

If you are suffering from mental ill health, either temporarily or as a long-term condition, support is available from the University.  This policy and the associated Guidance for Students will tell you more about the support available and how to access it.  In some circumstances you will be entitled to support as a consequence of the Equality Act 2010 but, whatever your situation, please don’t suffer alone.

The policy and associated guidance will also be relevant if you are worried about a friend and are looking for advice on how to support them.

Your expectations of us under this policy:

The policy lays out the University’s responsibilities and sources of support for students with mental ill health, either short-term or long-term, and is supported by guidance for staff who may encounter students with mental health conditions.  Each School is expected to provide students with a named adviser for support with their programme of study (e.g. Student Support Officer) who is available for further information and advice.  There are also a number of specialist support services, e.g. Counselling, Occupational Health and Disability Support.  There are a number of administrative processes which the University will support students to access where relevant (mitigating circumstances, interruption of studies etc).

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Who to contact

Paul Redmond, Director of Student Life (who may refer students to their School student support officer or equivalent, or to other University services, as appropriate).