Examination of Doctoral Degrees Policy

The Examination of Doctoral Degrees Policy applies to full-time and part-time students. This policy sets out the examination process which normally involves two parts: firstly, the submission and preliminary assessment of the thesis, normally by one internal and one external examiner; and secondly, the defence of the thesis by the candidate at an oral examination with the same examiners.

This policy sets out the examination process for a Doctoral degree programme, including the thesis submission and oral examination, where appropriate.

Our expectations of you under this policy:

You should seek advice from your supervisor when you feel that the thesis is nearing a standard suitable for submission.  You are required to submit a notice of submission form to declare your intention to submit your thesis and inform the Graduate Office of any arrangements you require to enable your full participation in the examination process.  You should familiarise yourself with the process of examination and the requirements for submission of your thesis.   

Your expectations of us under this policy:

The University of Manchester sets out a detailed process for examination to ensure that the student and examiners are aware of their responsibilities throughout the examination process.