Procedure on Support to Study

This Procedure is one of three that underpins the Policy on Supporting Health, Fitness and Return to Study. It details the ways that the University may support a student where their health, wellbeing, behaviour and/or conduct is significantly impacting on their ability to progress academically and/or function at the University. Support can be provided and monitored in a way that mitigates the need for action to be taken under subsequent procedures. 

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Your expectations of us under this policy:

This Procedure is to be used to ensure that students with health and/or wellbeing issues receive appropriate information, signposting and referral to support services including the Occupational Health Service, the Counselling Service and/or the Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS).

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Who to contact

You should contact your School or Programme Office for specific advice about support to study, fitness to study or return to study.