Policy on Additional Costs Incurred by Students

This policy sets out the University’s position that students should not incur significant additional study costs over and above tuition fees.  You might wish to refer to this policy to understand what costs to expect, but also to be clear about what you should not have to pay for.

Undergraduates, Taught postgraduates

Our expectations of you under this policy:

You should make yourself aware of this policy so that you know which costs you might have to cover as a result of your study, over and above tuition fees, and what the University will pay for.  This policy covers costs relating to printing, core readings, placements and field trips.

Your expectations of us under this policy:

The University will ensure that a student will be able to complete their programme without incurring any significant costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme, and make available low cost or free options for any potential outlays wherever possible.  The University will inform students of any additional costs that they will be expected to cover.

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Who to contact

Students should contact their Programme or School Office for advice or further information about this policy.